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Why do you do what you do?

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 29, 2011, 10:24 AM
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Hi readers,

So, yeah four months and no journal... well on this account anyway :) My M-Meye account is more up to date these days.

So, I'll start with the bad stuff, cause I seriously need to get it out. I've been reading fan fiction for a LONG time now, and I wrote stuff too. Mostly I write fan for my own stories LOL But lately I've been writing fan fiction for The Vampire Diaries TV Show. Anyway, this isn't about this. But I really need to complain about one thing, I'm not giving out names, cause that is not my style, but I cannot believe how many times I get to read stuff like that:

"Alright ppl. I hope you all enjoyed it there will be more if I get enough reviews and it will get better trust me. I hope someone can give me suggestions. Hope you like."

REALLY?! Oh my GOD! If you want to make me go ballistic, that's the best thing to write. I mean, are you writing because you love to write or because you want to be popular?! Writing is not a popularity contest. What is it with people using arts like that. I can't imagine myself writing in a journal "Well since I don't have enough watcher, I'll stop posting stuff..." lmao You can't threaten your watchers and your readers!!!

Am I the only one thinking that this is ridiculous?!. Okay, true, having reviews and comments IS 110% appreciated, but even though you want to live with your arts, you have to do it for you first. As someone who both writes and read, I found it disrespectful to just stop writing because you don't get enough reviews. What about the ones who actually read your story?! It's pretty much like telling them "You are not important!" Every single reader is important. I never seen any author publishing half a book. LoL

I would love to have your honest opinion on that?!

*Good stuff here LOL*

Sorry about the complaining! ^^;

So, what's new?! painting, painting, writing, photo, photo... and I haven't been drawing for a VERY long time... I think my hand must be rusting!

I still didn't make any more progress on my children books series, I'm just soooo lazy with anything that concerns drawing these days.

To do list:

:bulletwhite: Edit my LoV drawing (LAZY) LOL
:bulletblack: Upload paintings in M-Meye DONE
:bulletwhite: Work on my children book series (LaaaaZY)
:bulletwhite: Do more clothes design (Did I mention lazy?!)
:bulletwhite: Work on my stories (I've worked on Fan stuff, does that count?!)
:bulletwhite: Do more stuff DA related; like the portfolio (One word Laaaazy)

✖   ✖   ✖   ✖   ✖   ✖   ✖   ✖ FEATURED ✖   ✖   ✖   ✖   ✖   ✖   ✖   ✖

Theses are some artist that I've seen around DA that I think should be known more than they are. And they all have talent and their respective skills. Show them some love, they deserve it. :D And most of them, if not all of them have 'Open' Commissions right now; either way in DA or in Gaia Online or both. Please take two minutes to check them out.

:iconmlcgraphiste: LFAJ web site by MLCgraphiste         :iconayem: Commission - Cerberes by Ayem
:iconfeiticeirarose: A Rose in Time by FeiticeiraRose         :iconmushroomtale: Avatars: 001. by mushroomtale
:iconkehrilyn: Commission - Viviane and Uriel by kehrilyn         :iconardira: Somewhere in the Sky by ArdiRa

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Art is a way of life



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Ishyo Featured By Owner May 6, 2012   Digital Artist
hey Vivi it's me bluemoon, desu :u finally found you here again. I changed my account, wanted a different nick name. Well I hope you're doing fine ; please add me again if possible. Sorry for not playing gaia anymore I have some priorities to deal with before returning.
DhampirGir Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Just dropping by to say "Hi."
...also I miss you.

That is all. <3
SummerFic Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011
Thank you for the fave on my Doctor Who fic, "Yes"! ([link])
Viviane-Sea Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011
My pleasure!
thesquashedfrog Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010
Thanks for the fave ;)
Viviane-Sea Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010
My pleasure!
JonnySnakeSeven Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
nikkidoodlesx3 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome to PhotoManipulatorsx3!
Remember to submit some work and invite some of your friends, but most of all have fun!
Viviane-Sea Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010
Thank you very much! I will be posting all my manipulations over PhotoManipulatorsx3 when I do more! :D
CaribbeanRose9 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I had a wonderful time in your gallery, it was fun looking around. :aww:
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